A destination for European furniture design.

ducksnest. curates and is the Australian brand partner of European furniture brands Artisan and nunc. With a lifelong admiration of handcrafted techniques and a commitment to true sustainability, founder Susan Pehar selects timeless, unique pieces for the commercial and residential design sectors.

Interior Design & Furniture Specialist

At ducksnest. we’ve honed our expertise in furniture consultation, soft furnishings, decorative lighting, and the art of colour concepts. We are dedicated to turning living spaces into captivating and highly functional environments. Our design philosophy is firmly rooted in the intricate dynamics of these elements, allowing us to seamlessly blend aesthetics and utility.

Our extensive experience as furniture consultation specialists means that we curate pieces that perfectly align with your space and our keen eye for authentic products ensures every piece serves a purpose while enhancing the overall design.


An evolving collection, ducksnest. curates distinctive furniture from two leading European brands, ARTISAN and nunc. We tailor our selection to meet the standards of Australia’s design professionals, ensuring these pieces seamlessly integrate into designer homes, adaptive hospitality settings and transformative hotel environments.

Within our extensive array of collections, you’ll find an array of options, including award winning dining chairs and tables, sofas, occasional furnishings, storage solutions, and lighting. Every piece offers an extensive choice of fabric, leather and timber species, all customisable to meet your individual requirements.

“Artisan’s unwavering commitment to its philosophy is embodied in every collection, timber species, and product designer’s vision. Crafted by skilled artisans in a modern Bosnian facility, nestled in a forest-rich landscape, their heritage of 60 years meets cutting-edge technology. Their designers unleash timber’s true potential where tradition and innovation converge.”
Interior Designer & Founder Susan Pehar

Experience Our Showroom

Our showroom and design studio serves as a vibrant hub where European furniture and exceptional design projects converge. With our commitment to quality service, we invite you to schedule a showroom furniture consultation or an interior design consultation appointment.


As a leading distributor in the realm of sustainable furniture, ducksnest. partners exclusively with furniture brands that embody a strong ethos to sustainability.

Our unwavering commitment to preserving the environment is evident in our carefully curated portfolio, which showcases furniture pieces that seamlessly blend captivating aesthetics with functional excellence while upholding a deep-rooted dedication to sustainability.

Our focus is on promoting quality design with a strong emphasis on environmental awareness, social impact, and sustainable practices. Each client experience should thoughtfully educate and inspire. By prioritising the use of eco-friendly, responsibly sourced materials with the lowest possible carbon footprint, our partnered brands strike a harmonious balance between visual appeal and environmental consciousness, they embrace cutting-edge technologies to maximise energy efficiency and minimise waste throughout their distribution processes.

At ducksnest, we embrace and facilitate the creativity of spaces that not only delight the senses but also inspire sustainable lifestyles, paving the way for a brighter future. While our primary role is in distribution, we go beyond the transactional aspect by empowering the Architecture and Design industry to embrace sustainability as a core value.