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Bespoke Interior Design and Premier Representative of Quality European Furniture Brands in Australia

Since our inception in 2009 by interior designer Susan Pehar, ducksnest. is the embodiment of inspired design and timeless, multi-generational furnishings. As a distinguished interior furnishing specialist firm, we exist at the intersection of interior design and high-end furniture distribution epitomising our unique approach to service.

At ducksnest, we seamlessly fuse bespoke interior design services with the curation of top-tier European furniture brands. Our mission is to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of spaces by providing access to exceptional pieces that are a testament to quality and innovation.

ducksnest. stands proudly as the foremost Australian importer and distributor of Artisan and nunc, bringing the innovative world of European furniture design and quality craftsmanship to Australia.

Our journey into furniture representation and distribution began serendipitously in Croatia. Susan was captivated by the enduring beauty of Artisan’s solid timber furniture, which she encountered at a boutique design fair in Dubrovnik. The generous use of natural timber, the organic curves, and the meticulous craftsmanship within Artisan’s designs left an indelible mark.

We believe that slow furniture represents the very best of ethical consumption, embodying circular furniture, intergenerational craft, and the timeless beauty of hand-finishing. Each piece is crafted with care, designed to be passed down from generation to generation.

We celebrate the manual skills of regional artisans who, in collaboration with Europe’s foremost designers, breathe life into the most exquisite and unique furniture collections.

Collaboration and Brands

We specialise in working with discerning clients, emphasising collaboration, integrity, and service. Our close partnerships with clients and international suppliers form the foundation of our work, sharing the same values, reflecting our integrity and passion in every project. Continuously seeking fresh concepts ensures ultimate joy and satisfaction in each endeavour.


Sustainability and Community

At ducksnest. we embrace and promote sustainable lifestyles through creative spaces that inspire. While our primary role is distribution, we empower the Architecture and Design industry to embrace sustainability as a core value, fostering a brighter future.



We’ve cultivated a supportive and nurturing office culture, ensuring projects are approached with care and foresight. At ducksnest., our team shares a passion for design excellence, sustainability, and client satisfaction, fostering a collaborative environment where creativity flourishes.



We believe in spaces that captivate and deeply resonate with design and comfort. Our purpose is to create enduring and inspiring environments, where meticulous design serves as a canvas for lasting investments in aesthetics and functionality.


Materials and Products

Our unwavering belief in quality craftsmanship and enduring materials guides every decision in our design and curation process. Advocating authentic product design, we believe spaces should not only be beautiful but also meaningful, evoking positive emotions and well-being.



We foster deep engagement with our clients, interior designers, and architects, cultivating meaningful relationships grounded in trust and transparency. By actively listening to their needs, we collaboratively create spaces that inspire and delight. Our commitment to open and proactive communication ensures the success of every project.


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Explore the latest furniture collections offering an array of exquisite dining tables, chairs, and occasional pieces.

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