Furniture Care & Warranty


For everyday cleaning, use a soft damp cloth, free of any cleaning agents or chemicals. Do not leave liquid spillage or food / oil residue to sit on the surface as it may cause staining.

We recommend oiling your furniture once a year with the Woca Brand Oil Finish www.wocadenmark.com

Lightly rub the surface of the furniture with the sanding sponge provided in the Artisan care pack.  Wipe the entire surface with a clean damp cloth and leave to dry.

Apply the oil from the care pack using a clean white cloth or sponge. Do not pour the oil directly onto the wood. Apply the oil in the direction of the grain in a thin, even layer. It is important to treat the entire surface. Allow the oil to dry for approximately two hours then remove any excess oil with a clean dry cloth.

Dents or scratches can be removed by gently sanding. It is important to sand in the direction of the grain using the sanding sponge at least grade 180 or finer or fine sandpaper grade 240.  Wipe the table with a clean, damp cloth to remove residual dust. Oil the wood as described above.

Warranty: Products have a two year warranty period.  Timber is a natural material that will respond to its environmental conditions. The tone of the timber will alter over time with exposure to UV light.