A time honoured handcrafted process, where craftsmanship meets innovation in furniture design.

Artisan traces its roots back to the traditional woodwork shop Ćostović, with over six decades of wood processing expertise. Artisan proudly collaborate with award-winning designers and studios, such as Regular Company, Michael Schneider, Salih Teskeredžić, and others.
Artisan believes in the inseparable connection between wood and life, using solid wood from renewable sources and eco-friendly materials in their production process.

Sustainability is at the core of what they do, and all Artisan pieces proudly bear FSC COC certification, ensuring responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices. Emphasising the intrinsic beauty of timber in its purest form, Artisan applies natural finishes, allowing the furniture to breathe and showcasing the natural colour diversity of wood.

As an FSC Chain of Custody certified brand, they adhere to the stringent criteria set by the global leader in sustainable forestry, FSC. This certification guarantees that the forest-based materials used in their production, including reclaimed materials, are FSC certified, and their journey is tracked throughout the manufacturing and distribution processes. Artisan also meets FSC’s core labor requirements, ensuring a fair and ethical production environment.

Artisan’s design philosophy goes beyond aesthetics; it infuses a deeper sense of purpose into the living experience. Their mission is clear, that is to curate and craft products of unparalleled quality, distinctive visual form, and exceptional functionality. Artisan designs furniture with longevity in mind, meant to enrich lives and become cherished heirlooms.

Artisan’s commitment to quality over quantity is unwavering. Craftsmanship is their dedication, and they never compromise on the integrity of their pieces. They take immense pride in their originality, and each piece of Artisan furniture is a unique work of art.

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nunc, where tradition meets contemporary design and sustainability.

Based in Slavonia, Đakovo, Croatia, nunc is a visionary furniture manufacturer that artfully marries tradition, innovation, and sustainability. Since its debut at the 2019 furniture fair in Cologne, Germany, nunc has gained momentum and redefined furniture design.

The name nunc translates to now in Latin, embodying the brand’s vision of progress that blends rich ornamental tradition and rustic charm with contemporary aesthetics. Their furniture seamlessly fits urban spaces, celebrating the values of the past in the present.

Rooted in Slavonia’s pristine landscapes and abundant timber resources, nunc’s designers, many of whom hail from the region, create pieces that merge tradition with modern craftsmanship. Each design exudes enduring simplicity and art, transcending time and trends.

nunc adheres to industry standards with ISO certifications for quality, environmental responsibility, and safety. They proudly hold an FSC certificate, demonstrating their commitment to responsible forest management. A solar power plant on their roofs provides 40% of their electricity, reducing their environmental footprint. nunc’s commitment to sustainability extends to waste management, with wooden waste transformed into decorative products and sawdust repurposed into wood briquettes. Material packaging is returned for recycling, promoting a circular economy.

In the architecture and design industry, nunc is a movement that reflects the past, celebrates the present, and promises the future. Their designs inspired by tradition seamlessly fuse form and function.

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