Founded upon the appreciation of inspired design and timeless, multi-generational, and customisable pieces.

The space has enabled the brand to share passion for design, and cultivate a space where unique, and beautifully crafted designs from around the world find their home.

Stretching across an impressive 140 square metres, the ducksnest. showroom in South Melbourne has an alluring quality to it. Boasting expansive, large format glass windows, the atelier is filled with natural light, which plays off the warm shades of the engineered timber flooring. Up above, the curvature of the waved ceiling further accentuates the beautiful simplicity of the space, while echoing the exquisite Artisan and nunc ranges, defined by gentle bends and continuity of line.

The affinity for quality and understanding of emotional investment in the design journey underpin ducksnest’s collaboration with like-minded European design partners who share the same values and vision as the studio.

The objective for this space was to showcase quality product and interior design in its truest form, highlighting design, texture, materiality and the natural calm and sense of style. A space where clients can envelop and discover the joys of quality product design.

To experience this unique space and feel the design legacy deeply rooted in the density of Croatia and Bosnia’s woodlands – visit ducksnest.

Our showroom and design studio serves as a vibrant hub where European furniture and exceptional design projects converge. With our commitment to quality service, we invite you to schedule a showroom furniture consultation or an interior design consultation appointment.

“The showroom has allowed us to expand and communicate our vision, mission, values and ethos. We showcase quality product and interior design in its entirety and truest form, highlighting design, texture, materiality and a natural calm and sense of style.”

“High end products and natural materials have always resonated with me – their quality and longevity for the investment. I believe in creating a classic and modernist interior, create once and create well”.

– Founder Susan Pehar

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