Sustainability at ducksnest. Transferring Meaning Into Urban Spaces.

As a leading distributor in the realm of sustainable furniture, ducksnest. partners exclusively with furniture brands that embody a strong ethos of sustainability.

Our unwavering commitment to preserving the environment is evident in our carefully curated portfolio, which showcases furniture pieces that seamlessly blend captivating aesthetics with functional excellence while upholding a deep-rooted dedication to sustainability.

Our focus is on promoting quality design with a strong emphasis on environmental awareness, social impact, and sustainable practices. Each customer experience should thoughtfully educate and inspire. By prioritising the use of eco-friendly, responsibly sourced materials with the lowest possible carbon footprint, our partnered brands strike a harmonious balance between visual appeal and environmental consciousness, they embrace cutting-edge technologies to maximise energy efficiency and minimise waste throughout their distribution processes.

At ducksnest. we embrace and facilitate the creativity of spaces that not only delight the senses but also inspire sustainable lifestyles, paving the way for a brighter future. While our primary role is in furniture distribution, we go beyond the transactional aspect by empowering the Architecture and Design industry to embrace sustainability as a core value.

nunc, a brand, Embodying Tradition, Innovation, and Sustainability.

As the curator and Australian and New Zealand brand partner of nunc, we proudly represent a shared unwavering commitment to sustainability. Derived from the Latin word for “now,” nunc embodies a forward-thinking philosophy that seamlessly blends Croatian ornamental tradition, innovation, and sustainability.

Drawing inspiration from the abundant natural resources of its home in Đakovo, Slavonia, nunc designs feature a characteristic contrast between logical geometric forms and passionate, warm materials. Slavonia’s local timber serves as the canvas for many of nunc’s designs, adhering to industry standards with ISO certifications for quality, environmental responsibility, and safety. They proudly hold an FSC certificate, demonstrating their commitment to responsible forest management. A solar power plant provides 40% of their electricity, reducing their environmental footprint.

Sustainability at nunc transcends materials; it’s a mindset. Embracing a circular economy model, nunc transforms waste into decorative products and repurposes sawdust into wood briquettes.

In the realm of architecture and design, nunc symbolises more than a brand; it represents a movement that honours the past, embraces the present, and promises a sustainable future.

Our collaboration with nunc, champions sustainability and inspires positive change for the create space.