Introducing nunc

nunc, tradition meets contemporary design and sustainability

nunc, a visionary furniture manufacturer based in Slavonia, Đakovo, Croatia, has created a collection that stands at the crossroads of tradition, innovation, and sustainability. With a debut at the 2019 furniture fair in Cologne, Germany, nunc has been steadily gaining ground, captivating markets, and redefining the essence of furniture design.

nunc’s guiding philosophy is encapsulated in its very name, “nunc,” which translates to “now” in Latin. This is a vision of inevitable progress, rooted in the rich ornamental tradition and the rustic charm of rural life. It’s a celebration of the “now,” where values and traditions of the past converge with contemporary aesthetics, resulting in minimalist furniture that seamlessly finds its place in urban spaces.

At the heart of nunc lies a profound connection to its geographical roots in Slavonia, a region celebrated for its pristine landscapes and the abundance of a precious natural resource—timber. The durable, high-quality timber becomes the canvas for nunc’s designers, many of whom hail from the same region. Their designs are a testament to the marriage of timeless materials and modern craftsmanship.

In every piece, the tradition and culture of everyday life merge with a fresh, contemporary design language, all enhanced by cutting-edge technology. The result is a collection that exudes an enduring aesthetic of simplicity and art—transcending time and trends.

The nunc collection is marked by a distinct character—a juxtaposition of rational and geometric forms, harmoniously softened by the warmth of materials.

The brand adheres to the highest industry standards, as evidenced by its ISO certifications. ISO 9001 attests to their dedication to quality, product, and service control, ensuring that every piece of furniture is crafted to perfection. ISO 14001 reflects their commitment to environmental care, recognising the imperative to protect the planet. Moreover, ISO 45001 underscores their commitment to safety and risk management, guaranteeing the well-being of their craftsmen and customers alike.

Wood is the primary protagonist in the nunc story, and the brand is proud to hold an FSC certificate—Forest Stewardship Council—a testament to their commitment to the responsible management of the world’s forests. nunc takes corporate social responsibility to a new level with a solar power plant adorning the roofs of its buildings. This renewable energy source accounts for approximately 40% of their electricity needs, further reducing their environmental footprint.

nunc are conscientious in managing waste, ensuring that every element finds a new purpose. Wooden waste is ingeniously transformed into corporate gifts. Sawdust is repurposed into wood briquettes or pellets, contributing to their sustainable energy approach.  Used material packaging is returned to their manufacturers for recycling, closing the loop on waste management and promoting a circular economy.

In the architecture and design industry, nunc is more than just a manufacturer; it’s a movement—a reflection of the past, a celebration of the present, and a promise for the future. Their designs, inspired by tradition, transcend time, and the seamless fusion of form and function.

nunc. is sustainably crafted for all project needs, from commercial and education to residential. Custom options and project pricing available.

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