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A renovation project requires careful planning and consideration throughout its duration. It’s just so crucial to partner with the right contractors and to work as a tight team every step of the way. We have a strong team of professionals that we’ve worked with over the years - for the installation of that bathroom or kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of or perhaps opening up that living area. We always value and respect the existing architecture and character of an era to enhance and not to compete. Whether it’s breathing new life into a dated space, it’s no longer serving the purpose that it once did or you want to add value to your investment...both financially and for your quality of life. Sitting down with our clients - listening to how they move about the space, viewing their visual ideas and working together. We firmly believe collaboration and communication are essential for delivering an outcome that exceeds expectations.

Project Planning

Planning is essential in the avoidance of unnecessary stress and at the end of the that didn’t need to be spent. This is where a thorough and detailed consultation comes in to ensure all aspects of the creative process are revealed, to create the vision within budget. Whether it’s a new build or the reimagining of a single room, projects need to transition smoothly from stage to stage—referral of trades can be part of the interior design journey if required. Services start from the ground up, with expert consultation on interior lighting concepts, flooring options, bathroom and kitchen joinery + surfaces.

Interior Spatial Planning

Identifying your design style and looking at how this will best play out within your space - always ensuring there is consistency and flow from room to room. Key design elements include layout, fixtures, furniture and lighting - both artificial and natural. Through careful research, consultation and planning - we will ensure you will end up with a look, style and lifestyle that you will truly love.

Furniture, Lighting & Décor

Decorating with the goal of achieving visual balance can be challenging. Firstly the selection process is critical - exploring proportion, pattern, functionality and cohesion. Here at ducksnest. we have a broad knowledge of furnishings, fabrics and lighting - always conscious of quality, performance, design and value for money. Lighting, both task and decorative is one area that is often overlooked. We love to look at how light dances around the room to create a particular mood and the positioning of lights to serve a particular purpose - for reading or to illuminate your bathroom mirror. Texture is also an area that we put considerable emphasis on - your flooring and especially what can be achieved with the perfect floor rug. Whether it be to introduce a burst of colour or pattern or keeping it neutral with a lovely soft feel under foot.

Window Treatment Specs

Window treatments play different roles in each room of the house. Selections can be purely decorative, some aid with filtering or blocking out light and others assist with privacy screening. Window treatments are the decorative finishing aspect to any room. It’s extremely important to get this decision just right as the dressings are usually something we live with for the long term. We work closely with a trusted team of curtain and blind manufacturers to achieve the look that you want or that good night’s sleep that you need.

Colour Consultation

What is about certain patterns and colours that we just find ourselves drawn to? How it makes us feel and how we want to feel in the room that it’s applied to. This is such an important aspect of design as colour plays such a powerful role in our lives. Establishing the functionality of each space and what purpose it will serve - be it to lift your spirits and motivate or to soothe and unwind in. We love working with our clients to assess which colours inspire them and how best we can implement through tones, the introduction of pattern, textures and artwork.

Artisan Furniture Australia - Principal Distributor

Artisan is globally renowned for its innovative furniture design and quality craftsmanship. Handmade from six species of solid timber, Artisan pieces are produced by craftsmen in a large Bosnian factory surrounded by dense forest. Working out of an old school woodwork shop, with a 60-year history of producing fine timber products - it has since been transformed into the modern and technologically advanced facility that it is today. Artisan’s aim is to reaffirm their philosophy with each collection, each species of timber, each designer’s vision - combined with a diligent craftsman’s hand. The furniture is produced with wood from renewable resources and the final step in the manufacturing process incorporates the application of natural oils, soap, wax or varnish. This process emphasises the luxurious and organic beauty of the timber - enhancing the natural colour and diversity, enabling the furniture in essence to breathe and ensures a long lifespan.