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A renovation project involves careful consideration made to many aspects during its duration, not least among them, how to find a contractor and no less important, how to translate your Pinterest ideas into reality. We are here to assist with our most trusted renovation sources combined with home remodeling concept ideas for every room, including checklists to help you get started for the kitchen, bathroom and living room transformations. So whether you’re revamping a space to make it more functional or simply more beautiful, ducksnest. is your one-stop shop for all things home renovation.

Project Planning

Careful planning will result in fewer mistakes and frustrations. At ducksnest. the consultative creative process is bespoke and detailed, with the vision, design needs and budget of clients at its heart. Whether it’s a new build or the reimagining of a single room, projects transition smoothly from stage to stage—referral of trades can be part of the interior design journey if needed. Services start from the ground up, with expert consultation on interior lighting concepts, flooring options, and bathroom and kitchen joinery and surfaces.

Interior Spatial Planning

Our process involves identifying your design style and creating an overall feel for your home by analysing and assessing the space in which you will live whilst focussing on consistency between rooms. Key design elements that are part of the design process include layout, lighting, furniture and fixtures. Careful research will ensure you end up with a style and look that you will truly love.

Furniture, Lighting & Décor

Decorating with the goal of achieving visual balance can be challenging, the key is the right placement of furniture and decor. Consideration of items, pattern and colour are key aspects in the selection process. To create that overall cohesive look in a home, the furnishings, floor coverings and fabrics need to be complimentary. Lighting is one of the most important elements in decorating and yet it is often overlooked. Thought and planning will create that beautiful space, decorative lighting = art.

Window Treatment Specs

Window treatments play different roles in each room of the house. Selections can be purely decorative, some aid with filtering or blocking out light and others assist with privacy screening. Window treatments are the decorative finishing aspect to any room. The selection process is extremely important as the dressings are not something that you replace very often. We work closely with curtain and blind manufactures to achieve a quality flawless result.

Colour Consultation

Why are we drawn to certain colours and patterns? Where does inspiration come from and, most importantly, how do we translate that into a workable plan for our own homes? Colour is a starting point but, through careful dissection, looks at how other elements of a room come together. Pattern, texture, function and atmosphere are all vital aspects that can make a room not only look stunning but also serve its purpose and establish the right mood and spirit.

Artisan Furniture Distributor

Artisan is an award winning design and innovation manufacturer, which specialises in the manual production of high quality furniture made from solid wood, their insistence on manual artisan work is what sets them apart. Artisan collaborates with the best regional and global designers who are familiar with their technological advantages and who know how to convey their expertise into a vision that is worthy of the precious material that is wood. Artisan’s aim is to reaffirm their philosophy with each collection, each species of timber, each designer’s vision, combined with a diligent craftsman’s finish. The final manufacturing process incorporates natural oils, soaps, wax or varnish, which ensures a longer lifespan, preserves the naturalness and improves the visual timber features of each product. “We have known wood our entire life, from the forest we played in as children…” – Fadil