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Ducksnest – Nesting

Reaching out to you – our valued ducksnest clients and community as we as a global society evolve and adapt during this current time together.

There could not be a better time in my mind to connect with you, for us to focus on what we CAN control in this world that inspires, uplifts and keeps our minds and families healthy.

Never before has it been more important for our homes to not only provide shelter and segregation to protect the health of others – they need to perform as a sanctuary and reprieve.

I sat down to stop and think (about something else…) about the ways our surroundings affect us emotionally – especially now we’re all spending more time at home. What changes can we make?

A good place to start is what appeals to your senses? Home fragrance, colour, textures, art, a sense of order. To have pieces around you with meaning and quality that never get old and bring you joy, every-single-day.

The piece that first comes to mind for me is my Kartell Ghost Mirror purchased a decade ago in the sunniest of transparent yellows! Positioned to reflect the garden, bringing the outside in.

THEN we come to a pair of Art Deco Armchairs we picked up at a market 17 years ago…my love for these chairs runs deep! So deeply in fact that I’ve had them upholstered three times. They’re now dressed in an embroidered geometric Mokum Fabric which speaks to me of the era.

Plants are also incredibly important, especially now. Not only for air quality but also for our mental health – to have something to care for that’s alive and growing. Take the extra time you may have now to dust off those leaves, repot if they need a bigger home and give them a little spritz of water to refresh.

Another thing to think about is how lighting influences our mood, the importance of increasing as much natural light as possible and to think about the ambiance and reflections created in your space. Positioning lamps instead of using overhead lighting makes it much easier to manipulate your focal points…to see how the light dances around your room!

Our favourite books, music, and magazines can also bring us great comfort, evoke nostalgia and keep our brains sparking in a positive way. Monocle has long been on the top of my ‘to read’ list – both the magazine and the Monocle Guide to Better Living book. My constant musical companion has always been Elvis Presley…he’s never let me down 🙂

Set yourself a task to tackle to better organise your home. Get stuck into that cupboard that you’ve been putting off forever! Whatever we can do to better function within our spaces and feel better about ourselves within them is a good thing.

All we can do is what we CAN do and there are a lot of positive things within our control to make things even just the tiniest bit easier within our environment and everyday lives – as we move through this time.

Let’s stay connected by whichever means we can and please take care.

Susan Pehar.